I have experience with only three hosting services thus far, and bluehost has been my favorite to date. While I have not personally talked to support staff for any of the three, the online support documents for bluehost have been more informative and answered many of my questions.

I currently use a “Shared” hosting plan (one server shared with many websites of other people), which is very cost effective and still fairly quick and reliable for a beginner like me. The cPanel administrative access has more options available to you and grouped in a meaningful fashion. I am on the “Plus” plan as I run a couple other websites as well with the same account. Adding new SQL databases and domains is usually quick and easy to understand. All around has been a great service compared to a couple other competitors I have used. Bluehost even optimizes the server for WordPress installations. I recommend bluehost to many newcomers and beginners to WordPress. I am positive that bluehost can even handle large sites and applications with ease.