Turn Based Games are Fun

I am not much of a gamer. Mostly, I play chess and sim type games that do not have much online interaction with other people. I am a loner for the most part and don’t want to get involved in long chats with people I don’t know. I rather sit with friends face to face,

Rethinking how I do my job

I think I created far too much work for myself over the last few years and I found that I was not keeping it organized. I have since changed how I do a few things in my life and now it’s time to concentrate of some of my sites again. Most of what I have

Author Name Security

Did you know that many themes have a default that display the username for an author of a post? What could be wrong with this you say? Well, just knowing the username can be that one step closer to breaking into your WordPress website. All a hacker will now need to do is try to

Combining Bootstrap with Underscores

Sometimes, simple is the best. This theme was created using Underscores.me as the main template and then incorporating Bootstrap for the basic visual. Underscores is generic by nature so that the developer can concentrate on creating a visual without having to recreate the necessary backend pages for a WordPress theme. Bootstrap is then utilized to

Simple theme using Bootstrap and Underscores

Quick development can be accomplished by using Bootstrap with the Underscores framework. Underscores.me is a vanilla, “no styles included”, framework for starting your developent of a¬†WordPress theme. I use Bootstrap to provide the styling functionality. In order to get started, we first need to get the two working together. Check out my post in combining