Gutenberg Custom Block – Board Member

I am very excited about the Gutenberg project in WordPress. I think it will open the doors for many people who are new to creating websites. I have heard many developers talk about this change coming to WordPress core in version 5.0, some for it and some not. I know this will create work for

Stick to what you know

I admit, sticking to what I know is one of the hardest things for me to keep on my mind. It is far too easy for me to get involved in a project and then realize there is a fair bit more that I need to research or learn about to continue on. I believe I

Home Inspections

Back in April of 2015, I had been watching a great series called Holmes Inspection. I believe this was on Netflix at the time. This really got me thinking about the potential of home ownership and the pitfalls of not finding and having a “Proper” home inspection done. From the get-go, if at all possible

Permalink settings for Categories

I have used categories in so many different ways as I learn WordPress, it has gotten thoroughly confused at various times. I tried doing strange things to generate urls that worked for my purposes only to have the url double itself. I did find that putting a single period in the “Category Base” did eliminate

Automated WordPress failed

When I work on testing for my websites, I use a local development server. My favorite choice on my Mac is DesktopServer. It is not the local server of choice that I have this problem, it is me being impatient. I get too excited and forget to let processes run, and the most important one