Masonic Widows Son medallion for my motorcycle

Picked up a really cool medallion to add to my motorcycle from The Masonic Exchange. They sell many different items of Masonic interest and I liked the “In Memory of Hiram Abiff” auto emblem and thought it would look pretty cool on my air cleaner.

I talked to another rider who already had this very same emblem (I did not know he had one until after I bought mine) and he said he attached his with some thick 3M double-sided tape across the whole back and removing any excess to keep it hidden. I was wondering if that would be the route I should take as well because I was curious if it would hold up over time in the rain and during washes.

I picked up a rubber washer for the waste shoe of a sink, and I also picked up an assortment of large o-rings meant for sink plumbing. I figure that one of the large o-rings might fit the best and I can Krazy glue it to the air-cleaner. The air cleaner is concave, so the medallion does not touch at the edges. The o-ring looks like it will be thick enough to make a good seal. I will follow up at a later time with picture to let you know how it goes.


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