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My base theme as of today was created using the help of _s (Underscores.me) and Foundation Framework. There are a few tweaks to get Foundation installed and to clean up some of the Underscores normalizer that Foundation includes. I wanted my base theme to include a off-canvas menu for the mobile users. This is a default for all the sites I wish to work with. It did take me many tries to get the template where I wanted and I did learn much. I think I might even go the next step to create a more page like view in the of canvas for mobile and tablet use.

This is the version as of 2015.09.07 (September 7th, 2015). I plan to number my versions in this manner of year.month.day and possibly learn how to add to a Git repository.

version 2015.09.07

This is just a start, and feel free to provide input or ask questions. I consider myself a junior level programmer, so I might not be able to answer your questions. Google search has been my friend as well as the WordPress Codex

This is not a Theme to make your site look good, but rather this is a decent starter theme upon which you can either create a child theme to take advantage of any updates, or you can edit the files to your liking. I highly recommend looking at the docs for Foundation in order to understand how to set up the pages and utilize all its functionality.

The theme has two menu locations. The Primary is the top nav for medium size screens and up. The Off-Canvas menu location will be shown when a user clicks the hamburger icon on mobile view. You need to create at least one menu and assign it to both locations or create a different menu for each location.

To replace the site name in the upper left with a logo image instead, use the theme customizer of WordPress and choose an image for the “Header Image” section. In order to have the site name reappear you must choose “Hide Image” from the customizer.


WordPress version: 4.3
Plugins Installed:
  • WP-SpamSheild 1.9.6
  • Yoast SEO 2.3.4
Tested on:
  • Yosemite Mac / Chrome, Firefox
  • IPhone 6 / Chrome, Safari
Items to fix:
  • Found i used the incorrect code to enqueue the foundation code when I tried to create a child theme from this base. Need to change to¬†get_template_directory_uri() where foundation is loaded in the base theme functions.php file
  • When logged in to WordPress in mobile view, slight downward compression visual when off-canvas menu displayed.
Change log:


  • Fixed Off-canvas menu left padding issue and added left padding to logo image
  • Removed code that displayed both initial publish date and updated date
  • Removed links on publish date and Post UserName
  • Fixed issue with Admin bar overlapping Foundation fixed navigation

2015.09.05 – Initial version

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